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Sub Committees


The By-Laws committee shall be responsible for reviewing the association’s By-Laws on an annual basis, to re-write or add to these by laws as needed to meet the current direction and needs of the association.

  • Preparing and submitting any additions, changes, or amendments to the By-Laws to the general membership in accordance with the terms of the existing By-Laws.
  • Making sure any new policies or procedures are in accordance with the existing By-Laws of the organization.
  • Each member of the By-Laws committee shall be appointed by the By-Law Chair to serve as an ad-hoc By-Law committee member to the respective appointed committee.
  • There shall be a By-Law committee member on each of the other existing committees to ensure the congruency of the application and adherence to the By-Laws of the organization by all committees.


The Community outreach committee shall be responsible for developing and maintaining a current list of all community organizations and their contact information.

  • Monitoring the community calendars and making the organization aware of major community events and activities.
  • Shall develop and maintain a list of volunteers the organization can call on when needed.
  • The Volunteer coordination of this committee shall maintain the list of volunteers, arrange for periodic workdays with partnerships established with other organizations.
  • The committee must track and facilitate the use of work camps including making all off-site arrangements.
  • The committee must keep track of all volunteer hours for reporting requirements, and set criteria for volunteer recognition.


The Fundraising committee shall be responsible for leading efforts that attract money and services needed to carry out the mission of the organization.

  • Work with the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee to define the short-term and long-term funding goals of the organization and identify funding opportunities and activities to achieve the said goals.
  • Constant review of the funding plan to ensure progress toward the annual and long-rang funding goals.
  • Identify and recruit community leaders and organizations to collaborate with RDACA to achieve its funding goals.
  • Educate the organization on the techniques of planned giving, marketing, seeking grants, and soliciting corporations and individuals.
  • Encourage the participation of the Board, Membership, and the Community in fundraising.
  • Provide a report of the fundraising committee’s progress at the annual meeting, board meetings, and executive committee meetings.


The membership committee shall be responsible for soliciting new association membership, ensure they meet the membership qualifications, and orientating the new members to the mission and goals of the organization.

  • The membership committee is responsible for making sure all members are current on their financial obligations to the organization, including membership fees and ticket sale responsibilities.
  • The membership committee shall provide the association with an updated membership list on a semi-annual basis solicit and identify needs of the membership.
  • The membership committee is responsible for securing and maintaining all membership information in a secure and private manner. The committee is responsible for conducting the necessary background checks and protecting the interest of RDACA from a membership liability standpoint.
  • The committee is responsible for sending out approved email communication to all members submitted by the executive committee.
  • Any and all responsibilities deemed appropriate by the executive committee.


The nominating committee shall be responsible for identifying and vetting individuals for the officers and Board of Directors for the coming year.

  • They shall contact the nominees and secure references and recommendations in writing. All references should be contacted and questioned regarding the nominees’ ability to fill the corresponding position.
  • Once a final decision has been made, the committee shall provide the executive committee with the slate of nominees for approval by the Board of Directors.
  • The nominating committee will also be responsible for naming an interim officer or Board of Director in the case of an untimely resignation.
  • The Chair of the nominating committee shall also serve as a committee member of the By-Laws committee.


The Program committee Chair is responsible for the Section program at the annual meeting of the Raleigh/Durham Afro-Caribbean Association, and is assisted by a program committee of volunteers from the general membership. The size and composition of each Program Committee is determined by the appointed Chair-elect.

  • The Program committee shall be responsible for planning and coordinating the annual meeting of RDACA. Also responsible for reviewing all community projects to ensure they are supportive of the mission and goals of RDACA before submission to the executive committee and to the general membership.
  • The Program committee is responsible for reviewing and proposing how RDACA will integrate, partner, or provides support for the community organizations or activities soliciting support.
  • Responsible for working with organizations to ensure the format of integration is feasible and achievable by the resources employed by RDACA and to make sure the content is coherent and focused toward the ultimate impact RDACA wants to have in the community.
  • Finally, the Program committee is responsible for providing input on the overall schedule and flow of the programs and activities approved by the executive committee and the general membership, therefore responsible for coordinating the organization’s yearly calendar.




The communications committee will develop a written Communication program  and ensure that appropriate data is captured and maintained in the Communication Committee’s database.

  • The committee will actively determine the data required to perform member communications, membership reporting, and other uses (in conjunction with the Membership Committee).
  • The communications committee will be responsible for development of  data collection methods, and documentation (written) database procedures.
  • The committee will  produce and maintain communication channels e.g. E-mail, social media, website, forum, marketing collateral such as brochures and flyers, webinar platform, etc.
  • Additionally, the communications committee will conduct periodic member research to identify member communication needs, satisfaction levels, environmental factors, and competitive elements  through membership satisfaction survey, and member needs assessment.
  • The communication committee will initiate a communication improvement program to continuously increase the quality of communication and implement (and document) a comprehensive Communication strategy.




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